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How to track where do the visitor came from?

Your website on the AllBiz is supplied with a powerful tool for tracking statistics. On the main page of your personal cabinet, My AllBiz, there is a statistics block that analyzes the audience of your site by various parameters, including from where, from which resource, the visitor came.

In order to see the data on this parameter, click in the statistics block under the link "Links".


In the opened window there will be a list of search engines and various Internet resources with the indication of the number of transitions committed from them to your site. Available indicators for the current day and for yesterday, as well as for 7 and 30 last days. 

Note: most of the transitions are carried out from various pages of the resource of the aussie (,, etc.). This indicates that the majority of your visitors and potential customers find your offers through the AllBiz.

At the same time, the statistics show that information about your products and services is also available to foreign visitors who search their national search engines (,,, and etc.).

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