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How to edit the catalogs of products and services?

To make changes to the catalogs of products or services, you must select the Products, Services section in the left side menu in MY AllBiz. By default, the product catalog opens. If you want to make changes to the service catalog, select the appropriate heading in the same section.


If you have a lot of items in your catalog, you can find what you need by using the search box at the top of the page in the Product Catalog (Service Catalog). Enter in it the name or part of the name of the sought product or service. Select the item position of the product or service that you want to change, and click Edit next to it.

Add the necessary changes to the opened form. Pay attention to the correctness of the filling: the group of products (service) is defined precisely, the name is formulated, the description is complete and the price is specified.

Click the Save button when you are finished editing. Now the information you added is sent for moderation.

Immediately after verification by the moderator, the updated positions of the goods (services) will be broadcast on the resource. Usually the moderation does not take much time and in a few minutes the information will appear on your site. The fact that the data entered by you successfully passed the moderation is indicated by the change in the indicator from yellow with the text "Is waiting for moderation" to green - with the text "Is displayed".


Please note: from the quantity and quality of the catalogs with the description of products and services on your site on the platform  its "visibility" in the search engines and attendance depends, therefore, the number of requests for your products and services, as well as the position in the catalog rating of ALL.BIZ. More items in the catalog - more orders!

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