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How often is it necessary to update the data?

Every time you visit your personal account on the resource, the system offers you to update the company's data, as well as catalogs of products and services.

On the main page of My AllBiz, a notice in the red box is displayed, which calls for updating the information. The text of the notice indicates when you last time updated the information about the company.


A similar message will remind you of the need to confirm the relevance of the data and directly in the section "Enterprise essential elements".

Please note: the date of updating the company's details affects the order in which your products and services are displayed in the AllBiz catalog.


Entering the My AllBiz, first update the company details, you can do it in one click by clicking "Update" in the text of the notification. Regularly supporting the data on the company in an up-to-date state, you will allow your company to maintain a consistently high position among potential competitors operating under the same registration package.

The less often you confirm the relevance of the contact data of the company, the lower your positions will be in the directory. If you do not update the data within six months, the system will send a message to your e-mail address stating that the information on your company posted on the resource is out of date.

You can update the data every day. Take care of your potential customers - ensure that they have access to full and always up-to-date information about your company. Do not forget to update your catalogs of products and services.

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