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How can I change the details of the company?

To change the information about the company, you need to use your left side menu in your personal account of MY AllBiz, where you need to select the Enterprise section.


The page with essential elements will be opened. Click the "Edit" button at the bottom of the page and make the necessary changes to the opened form.


Try to leave as much contact information as possible so that your potential customers can contact you quickly and easily in any convenient way.

After making adjustments, click the "Save" button. Now the information you added is sent for moderation.


Immediately after the moderation, the updated data will be broadcast on your site. Usually it does not take much time and in a few minutes the information will appear on your site. The fact that the data entered by you successfully passed the moderation is indicated by the change in the indicator from yellow with the text "Is waiting for moderation" to green - with the text "Is displayed".


To ensure that all the details you add are checked, provide true information, leave correct phone numbers and other contact details. Accuracy and completeness of contact information is a guarantee that your potential clients will easily and quickly find you!

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