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How can I change the design of the site?

You can create a colorful and functional website, consistent in corporate colors and elements of your company, on the basis of the available in just a few minutes.

In the left side menu on My AllBiz, select the Site builder section by clicking the Edit button.


Go through six simple steps, using hints to each of them. Each step is visualized. Select the scale of the display (from 25% to 100%) and evaluate the changes made directly in the design mode, without going to your site.

Step 1.

Choose one of the ready-made templates for your site. To choose the most suitable option - use the convenient filter by category and color.


Step 2.

Choose the color scheme of the site by clicking on one of the suggested schemes.

Upload a background image of the site. Acceptable file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF. Size - up to 2 MB. The size of the source image will depend on how the background of the site will fit. The higher the height and width of the picture, the larger the background area will be covered and the smaller the repetition of the image.

The background image can be attached to the top of the site, repeated horizontally or vertically, tiled or centered.

Step 3.

Select the layout of the site by clicking on the number of the appropriate one. The layout determines the location of the blocks, the thickness of the lines, the background of the blocks, block frames, indentations, etc.


Step 4.

Download the site header. Acceptable file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF. Size - up to 1 MB. Decide on the height of the caps (in megapixels): possible options are 150 x 980 Mp, 200 x 980 Mp, 250 x 980 Mp or 300 x 980 Mp.

Specify whether to show in the header of the site the logo and the name of your company, as well as the contact phone number.

Determine the place of the search string on the site: at the top of the site header or at the bottom.

You can also set the font size.


Step 5.

Choose the place for displaying the side menu of your site - on the right or on the left, by clicking on the desired scheme.

Determine the order of displaying blocks - menu items - on the main page. To do this, just drag the item to the position you want.


Note: in the designer and on the site, only those menu sections are displayed, in which you added information through MY Allbiz.

Step 6.

Upload an image that will be displayed by the browser in the address bar in front of the URL of the page. Favicon is displayed as a picture next to the bookmark, in tabs and in other elements of the interface. Acceptable file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF. Size - up to 1 MB. You can load any size (in width and height) an image - the designer will compress it to the desired parameters.

Specify whether to display your location (company address) on the interactive map on your site in the contacts section.


Click the "Save" button. Now you can see what your site looks like in the new design on the resource and how your customers see it. To do this, click on the link "Site" in the upper right corner of the designer.

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