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Analyzing the statistics: what does "hits" and "visitors" mean?

In your personal account MY AllBiz, on the main page it is a graph that shows number of visitors and views of your site during the year (month). To view it, click the link "View full statistics".

Under the diagram it is a block of general statistics for today and yesterday, for the last 7 and 30 days, for the year and total.

 The gray bars in the graph show the number of visitors (users). A visitor is a person who came to your site. If, during the same day, this person visits the site again, it is not taken to the statistical account.

The green bars show the number of impressions. Show is the number of pages of your site that visitors visited during the day.

The ratio of the number of visitors to the number of hits makes it possible to estimate how many pages each visitor of your site has viewed on average and, consequently, to assess the level of interest in your products and services.

When you log in using your password and password in your personal account of MY AllBiz, the system does not count you as a new visitor. However, if you go to your site - the statistics will show + 1 visitor.

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