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How to place an order on Allbiz?

To ensure the safety of purchases, we recommend placing orders through the basket and communicating with the seller only through Allbiz.

You can place an order at the website if the selected seller has set up the opportunity to accept orders and indicated the price for the product / service. Ordering takes place in a few simple steps in a convenient interface, after which the data on your order is transferred to the seller.

To order for the service, you need to click the "Order a Service" button and fill out a simple form.

Attention! The processing and execution of the order is the responsibility of your chosen seller.

To place an order:

1. Add the item to the Shopping cart by clicking the "Buy" button.

Note: Products that you have already placed in the shopping cart will remain there until you make an order or remove them from the shopping cart. 

2. Shopping cart. You can add any quantity of goods from one seller to the shopping cart.

In the shopping cart window you can select the desired quantity for each product, remove the product from the cart, continue shopping, or go directly to the making of the order.

Note: If goods from different sellers are added to the shopping cart, they should be ordered for each company separately.

3. Place an order.

After clicking on " Place an order" you will be taken to the Order registration. In this form, select the methods of payment and delivery, as well as fill in all required fields and click "Confirm Order". If necessary, here you can add a comment to the order. For example, specify the size, color, desired delivery time and everything that you consider important.

4. Successful checkout.

After a successful order you will see that the order has been successfully sent. A notification of a new order will be sent to the seller, and you will receive a confirmation of your order to the specified email. If there are still unregistered orders from other sellers in the Shopping cart, then you will see them on the same page.

Important: If you are a non-registered user of our site, after placing your order, you will receive an email with your login details for further tracking of the order status.


We wish you a successful and profitable shopping on Allbiz!


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