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How to conduct an advertising campaign? (TEASER ADS)

The advantages of teaser advertising in comparison with conventional banners are known for everyone - users do not perceive it as advertising, so it causes much more interest. And where there is interest, there is a response - today this format can be called one of the most clickable tools of online promotion.

What is a teaser block?

Teaser block is an advertising unit that contains from one to ten teasers and slogans to them. By clicking on every teaser or slogan you're transitted on a specific page of the site (1 click is a transition of one unique visitor to the advertiser's site through the teaser adadvertisement unit).

The teaser's aim is to attract attention and intrigue the visitor, thus prompting him to make a transition to the stated link.

Teaser advertising is one of the most effective methods of attracting attention of consumers in marketing.

How to add a teaser block?

The item "Teaser advertising" is on the "Enterprise" tab, in the section "Ordering services", as well as on the "My profile" tab, in the "Advertising" section.

The process of creating a teaser block consists of two parts:

1. Creating an advertising campaign

2. Adding teasers (advertisements)

 To create an advertising company, you need:

1. Go to the menu item "Teaser advertising".

2. Order the required number of clicks.

3. Click on the button "Conduct an advertising campaign"

4. Fill in the required fields:

- specify the name of the advertising campaign;

- Select the language region from the drop-down menu. This will help you in the next stage to determine the countries for which your announcement is to be broadcast;

- note the countries for which this advertising campaign will be broadcast;

- Limitation (quantitative limitation) of clicks per day. When the specified number of clicks per day is reached, the translation of your advertisement stops and will be resumed the next day.

5. Click the "Add" button.

The campaign has been added!

To create teasers, there are two ways:

1. You can choose a commodity item from the list of your goods.

2. You can manually enter all the necessary data.

Method 1:

If a product line participating in an advertising campaign already exists in the list of your products, you can automatically add it to the teaser as follows:

1. Click on the button "Choose from the list of products"

2. From the list of products, select the necessary item.

The product data will automatically fill in the available form fields. All form fields are editable, so you can make your edits, if its necessary.

3. Press the button "Save". Your ad has been added and is waiting for moderation!


Method 2:

If you want to enter all information on the ad in manual mode, you need:

1. Add a photo (Maximum file size is 4 MB);

2. Fill in the fields "Line 1", "Line 2", briefly indicating the text of the announcement;

3. Select the transition button label;

4. Specify the URL of the page for clicking.

5. Select the groups in which this announcement will be broadcast by clicking the "Select the product or service category" (no more than 10 groups)

Note: It is possible to place a teaser on all sections.

6. When everything is ready, click "Save"

Your ad has been added and is awaiting moderation!

After the moderator verifies your ads, they will be available for displaying in the teaser block.

What is CTR?

CTR - (synonym - clickability, click-through rate). CTR is defined as the ratio of the number of clicks per teaser to the number of impressions, measured in percentage terms, and is an important indicator of the effectiveness of any advertising campaign.

CTR = (number of clicks / displayings) * 100.

Ads are broadcasted if there is a positive number of clicks on your balance. As soon as the number of clicks becomes zero, the ad will stop broadcasting. For further translation of ads, you will need to replenish the balance of clicks.

How to refill the balance of clicks?

In order to replenish the balance of clicks, you need to click on the "Refill" link

Choose one of the available payment methods and pay.

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