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How to subscribe to Allbiz deliveries?

Allbiz delivery is a daily or weekly report about the addition of new products/services, companies or needs by users.

The Allbiz delivery allows you to keep track of product updates on an interesting market in the selected region. By subscribing to the newsletters, you will receive information about new entrants on the market, adding some goods / services and needs.

To subscribe to the deliveries, go to My profile, select the Deliveries section and click the Add button.


In the open form, fill in the following fields:

Name for the mailing list
Key words to be searched
The category in which the company operates, products or services, needs
Country and area for displaying information from the international market or a particular region.
The frequency for determining the frequency of mailings
Activity status. If the delivery becomes irrelevant, it can be translated into the status "not active", and then renewed if necessary.

By clicking the Save button, you will return to the mailing list.


The Results of search button opens n the new window a list of products that matches the search parameters.

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