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Deliveries management on AllBiz

AllBizprovides automatic distribution of messages to registered users. This ensures timely information support of the resource participants. In particular, notifications are sent to the e-mail indicated while registering the user:

Deliveries of Leads Plus (information on actual leads from buyers for goods posted on the site).

Getting started with Allbiz (learning letters that help to get started on the resource).

Statistics promotion to Allbiz (the number of orders, visits, views for the month).

Reviews of the seller leaves by the company's customers.

Newsletters (information about changes and updates on AllBiz).

Monitoring of EDR (monitoring of changes in companies' data in the EDR of Ukraine via e-mail).


You can manage mailings in your MyAllBiz personal account. For doing this, go to the My Profile tab, select the item Deliveries - Deliveries from AllBiz. In the Manage deliveries from AllBiz you can activate/deactivate a certain direction of the message by clicking the Subscribe/Unsubscribe button.

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