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How to set up the basket?

Enabling the basket gives you all the advantages of an online store: receiving and processing customer orders. And your customers can easily buy goods, adding them to the basket and making an order online.

The "Basket Settings" item is located on the "Settings site" tab.

In order to activate the shopping cart, and give users the opportunity to order your goods online, you need:

Activate the shopping cart.
Specify the payment methods by which the customer will be able to pay for the purchase of your product.
Specify the delivery methods that will be available for selection to customers while ordering your product
Click the "Save" button
Note: When you activate the shopping cart, all orders will be processed through the functionality of the Basket.

When placing an order by the buyer, only the fields marked by you will be shown in the shopping cart, with the values ​​indicated by you.

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