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How to deal with orders?

All orders of your company are displayed on the "Enterprise" tab in the "Orders" section.

You have the opportunity to view all orders as a single list, or to separate them by their statuses (New, In processing, The archive (useful), The archive (not useful), Archive ) by clicking on the tabs of the order table.

To view the details of a particular order, click on its name in the order list.


This is how the order processing form looks.

Here are the details of the order: buyer's contacts, payment method and delivery conditions. If necessary, you can edit the data, and then confirm the order by clicking the "Close order" button, thereby the buyer will receive a notification of the acceptance of the order.

Note: If you could not contact the customer, or for some other reason, the order can not be processed, you can cancel the order by clicking on the "Cancel order" button.

While processing the order and updating the data, if necessary, you can make changes in this field.

Our interface gives you the opportunity to monitor and control the process of processing and executing orders, and also store the history of your orders in one place.

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