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How to create my menu on the mini-site?

Before you start creating your menu on the mini-site, decide on the visual structure of displaying the range of your products and services. Think about the classification and distribute available products and services depending on certain characteristics and selected methods of division.

The "My Menu" item is located on the "Enterprise" tab in the "Settings site" section.


Slider to turn on and off the menu displays on the mini-site. You can initially enable this functionality and start creating a menu, or firstly create a menu structure, and then enable it on the mini-site.
Available tabs
"Groups of products" - a tab for creating a menu on the catalog of goods
"Groups of services" - a tab for creating a menu on the catalog of services
"List of products" - a tab for reviewing an existing list of goods
"List of services" - a tab for reviewing an existing list of services
Button "Add group" - to add a new group (subgroup) to my menu on the mini-site.
How can I add a group (subgroup) to my menu on the mini-site?

After you understand how the future menu should look like, you should start practical implementation:

1. Click on the "Add group" button. A form is opened to enter information about a new group (subgroup), which consists of several sections.


2. Specify the name of the group (subgroup), the priority of the display in the menu, a brief description of the content of the group and add a photo.

If you add a root group, then leave the value "Root" in the "Parent group" field (it goes by default). If we add a subgroup, then in this field, we need to select the name of the root group for which this subgroup is created.

3. "Attach" button - we add products that we want to attribute to this group (subgroup). This action is not necessary while creating a root group. Also, you can return to this step later, by editing the group (subgroup).

In order to attach the necessary products to the group (subgroup), it is enough to click on the "Add" button in the corresponding heading. When everything is ready, click "Apply".


4. In the SEO section, we can immediately make our SEO settings or leave the field untouched for autocomplete.

5. Specify the status of the group. There are three options:

"Display" - the group (subgroup) is transiled after saving
"Do not display" - the group (subgroup) is saved as a draft
"Display in period" - the group (subgroup) will be broadcast only for a certain period

6. When everything is ready click the "Add group" button.

By analogy, we add the following groups (subgroups) of the menu. After adding the required groups and subgroups, the general menu structure is as follows:


If necessary, you can edit (click on the pencil) or delete (click on the cross) added groups and subgroups.

The result of all actions will be the most optimized menu of the catalog of your products.

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