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How to connect and set the blocks on the site?

For changing the layout of the blocks of your site created on the AlBiz in the left side menu of MyAllBiz, select the section Site builder and click "Edit". In the Design panel, click the Blocks tab.

Determine the order of displaying blocks - menu items - on the main page. You can control how the blocks are displayed on the site by simply dragging and dropping them. To do this, left-click on the desired block and, without releasing the button, move the block to the desired location.


In order not to display some blocks on the site, uncheck the box in front of the name of the desired block.

Note: in the designer and on the site, only those menu sections (blocks) are displayed, in which you added information through MY. To add more sections, just fill in the appropriate headings in your personal account. At any time you can return to MY All Biz, for additional information on your site, by clicking on the link "Back in profile" in the upper right corner of the designer's working panel.

In the same section of the designer, you can choose the place of displaying the side menu of your site - on the right or on the left, by clicking on the necessary scheme in the working panel of the designer.

Each step is visualized. Select the scale of the display (from 25% to 100%) and evaluate the changes made directly in the design mode, without going to your site. For full-screen viewing, use the option to collapse the designer's working panel.

If everything suits, do not forget to save changes by clicking the "Save" button in the upper right corner of the designer.

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