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How to choose a domain name?

Automatically, when a company is registered, the site address is assigned, for example "", where 4770 is the company ID.


You have the opportunity to add another domain that will match the company name, site designation, brand. You will receive a domain like

For doing this, go to MY Account - Site Settings - Domain Name - page, select the domain according to the recommendations.



The resource Allbiz allows the use of latin letters a-z, digits, dashes (minus) in the registered domain, provided that this is not the first character. The length of the nominal domain should be within 5-40 characters. It is forbidden to register common domain names: paper, wood, tool.

Use the checking to determine the free names for the site. By clicking the "Select" button, the domain name will change automatically. In the future, it remains possible to change this name.

Within the framework of Allbiz registration packages, it is possible to connect an external domain to a company site pre-registered with a domain name registrar.

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