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Leads PLUS for buyers

Leads PLUS is a data base of ready-to-go enquiries for products and services. Here the suppliers search for the customer enquiries and contact the clients personally. Placing of enquiry in Leads PLUS system will allow you to receive several offers from suppliers and choose the most beneficial from them.

How the enquiries are generated in system Leads Plus? 

Exist several ways of placing the enquiry:

1. It can be done through the catalog or through the company website at Allbiz

By default is activated option "receive the offers from other companies", when you send the enquiry for product/service in Allbiz catalog.

If you leave this option activated, your enquiry will be automatically sent to the company from which you want to order; and after moderation the enquiry also will be placed in the system "Leads PLUS. It is designed, to provide you opportunity to buy the necessary product, even if the selected by you supplier from catalog didn't contact you in time.

Important. Enquiries, which were addressed to the paid members, will not be sent to the system “Leads PLUS”. Those kinds of companies usually promptly reply on incoming enquiries and will not make you wait. You can identify the paid members in a catalog by the special signs:

If you send the enquiry through the special form “Contact me” at supplier’s website, it will be sent only to the current company and will not be transferred to the system “Leads PLUS”.

2. Through the form “Add new lead”  «Добавить заявку»

If you did not find the appropriate product or service in a catalog or you don’t have a lot of time to search, you can “Add new lead” «Разместить заявку» in system “Leads PLUS”. In this case the suppliers will find you personally. When submitting the lead, we recommend you specify the main and additional parameters: full product name, material, dimensions, standards compliance, packaging etc.

After creating of lead, it will be sent for moderation. Allbiz specialists will check the relevance of your contact information, content of the application, and then will place it in appropriate section in system “Leads PLUS”.

Important: Please, specify as much details as you can. So for the supplier will be easier to offer you exactly what you are looking for. Besides, the more parameters are specified in a lead, the higher ranking position it will have.


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