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How to work with filters while searching for a product?

Filters for Allbiz are designed to simplify the search for products on the resource. Filters make changes to the processed query, sort the products according to different parameters.


In the catalog of products on Allbiz there are two types of filters: top and side. The upper filter allows you to configure parameters such as "exportable", "from the manufacturer", "with price", "delivery from other countries", as well as the way to display commodity items on the page (list, gallery, position on the map).


To start working with the side filter, go to the "Filters" tab. The side panel with filters changes depending on the chosen category of the goods.

Most groups have the following filters:

- Limit on the price, the system allows you to specify the frame from and to;

- Brands;

- Manufacturer country;

- Wholesale supply.

The number in the column shows the number of products with this parameter. Thus, you can immediately see how many products meet the specified criteria.

While using the filter, the page is updated and a new list of products is displayed according to the selected parameters. Changes take effect automatically, without confirmation.

To return to the list with all the goods in the group or to sort the search by other parameters, you should click the "cancel filters" button. Filters can also be canceled one at a time by clicking on the cross on the left side of the filter you need.


In product groups where the filter contains a large number of parameters, you can use the "Hide All" and "Expand All" buttons.

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