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How can I find a product or service?

You can find products and services on the basis of the following in several ways. Choose for yourself the most convenient and suitable.

Method one. Search window.

1. On each page of the resource, you have a search box, find it.

2. Enter the name of the desired product in the field, for example "lathe", and click "Find". By default, the search box is configured to search for products. To search for services, under the search field, select the "Products and services" tab, then "Services", then enter your request.

The search query must contain at least 3 characters.

3. In the search results you will receive a list of relevant products or services, as well as the companies in the range of which they are declared.

Choose leaders! In search results, priority is given to companies with proven information, up-to-date data, availability of price and detailed description.

4. You can immediately contact the company by calling the specified numbers or by sending a written request using the "Get latest price" button, or visit the company's website for more detailed information (by clicking on the company name opposite the selected product or service).

 Method two. Rubricator.

You can find the product or service you are interested in in this way, if you clearly know which market and which category they relate to.

1. Select the appropriate "Products" or "Services" tab, and then the desired market.

2. In the list of categories, find the one in which the desired category of goods or services is presented.

3. As a result of the search, you will receive a list of goods or services, as well as the companies in whose range they are declared.

To find a specific product or service (model, article, brand, etc.), use the search box.

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