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Rules for posting reviews on the Allbiz

General Provisions

1. The rules for posting reviews on the Allbiz Internet resource (hereinafter referred to as the Rules) regulate the general requirements for the reviews and the order of their posting on the Allbiz Internet resource (the "Resource").

2. The Resource Administration has the right to change these Rules unilaterally, without individual notification of the Resource users.

3. The review is the total evaluation of the quality of work of the company registered on the Resource and the personal comment of the person that displays the result of interaction with this company by the buyer (customer) or potential buyer (customer), if the transaction was not concluded.

4. Reviews affects the order of placement (rating) of the company in the catalog. Positive review raises the company's rating, while negative ones lower it, which is reflected in the rating.

5. The reviews should relate to orders for goods and/or services of those companies that are registered on the Resource.

6. Review regarding orders for goods and/or services of other companies that are not registered on the Resource will be deleted.

7. Review is received from persons who have reached majority according to the legislation of the country of which they are citizens.

8. The person who left the review is responsible for the reliability of the information in the response.

9. The Administration of the Resource is not responsible for the reliability of the information in the review, but will make the necessary efforts to publish reliable and truthful review.

10. Leaving a review, the user agrees that his contact information can be used to communicate with him and verify the validity of the review.


 Order of publishing reviews

1. Review about the company can be write by any registered or unregistered user.

2. The review may be anonymous. Anonymous is a review, in which the person who left the review is not published. In this case, it is unvailable to indicate the contact telephone number or other information necessary to confirm and subsequently verify the validity of the response.

3. It is prohibited to publish completely identical reviews about the same company by one user.

4. In the case of publication of a review, only one opinion on this transaction is allowed.

5. If there is data in the Resource system about the transaction made, which concerns the withdrawal, the company sees the information about the person who left the review provided earlier in the order or correspondence.

6. All reviews before publication are preliminarily moderated for compliance with the Rules.

7. Moderation period can last up to 5 (five) working days, starting from the moment of leaving the review.

8. Reviews that violate the Rules are blocked and not published on the Resource.


Reviwes that are prohibited for publication

The Resource does not allow the publication of such reviews:

1. Reviews with information about products and/or services, commercial offers, personal data, phone numbers, addresses and e-mail, links to extraneous websites, information about buying or selling something;

2. Information that does not apply to the company or the order and does not reflect the experience of cooperation with the company;

3. A meaningless set of letters, words, any other signs, excerpts of literary works, other information;

4. Messages written using only CAPITAL LETTERS, RoTaTiTiOn og capital and lowercase letters or transliteration;

5. Reviews  showing the experience of non-commercial  cooperation with the company, for example: personal relationships, conflict of interests with business partners, between the company as an employer and a company employee, etc;

6. Reviews with profanity, personal insults, statements that humiliate honor, dignity and business reputation;

7. Kindle interracial, interethnic, interethnic and inter-confessional enmity, containing calls for violation of current legislation, overthrow of the state system and similar extremist appeals;

8. Reviews containing messages of a sexual nature, including pornographic content, materials with child pornography or representing children in an erotic context;

9. Discriminatory messages that contain discriminatory statements in relation to a person or group of persons on race, nationality, gender, age and other grounds;

10. Reviews that contradict the norms of the current legislation, calling for the commission of unlawful actions;

11. Entities holding intellectual property rights, the rights to which belong to third parties;

12. Reviews in order to impersonate another person, reviews that are not based on personal experience, but on the experience of other people, on rumors and so on;

13. Reviews  сontaining confidential information, including but not limited to passport data, military card numbers and driving licenses, identification codes.

14. It is strictly forbidden to publish reviews to change the company's rating on the Resource, including both publication of fictitious positive feedback to improve the company's rating, and publication of fictitious negative feedback to reduce the company's rating. If found, such reviews may be deleted.

15. The Resource Administration reserves the right to apply penalties to companies that falsify reviews.


The order of rejection of comments that violate the Rules

1. Reviews which are forbidden for the reasons above, including fictitious ones, can be deleted by the Resource Administration without warning.

2. The Resource Administration has the right to temporarily or temporarily block a review that requires confirmation before receipt of supporting data (documents, screenshots, correspondence indicating the reliability of the response or confirming the transaction).

3. The company has the right to appeal with a reasoned request to delete a review if it contradicts the Rules. In this case, the review will be hidden until the final decision on its removal or recognition of the recall to the relevant Rules. If the review is found to be in conflict with the Rules, it will be deleted. If the review is recognized as compliant with the Rules, it will be published on the company's mini-site on the Resource. In this case, the review will be taken into account in the rating of the company.

 Responsibility for publishing reviews

The Resource Administration has the right to impose fines on users who violate these Rules.

1. For users who leave feedback for the purpose of manipulating the rating of the company and/or reviews prohibited by the Rules:

  - temporary or unlimited disabling of the function, allowing to leave feedback;

  - temporary or unlimited blocking of the user account.

2. For companies that handle multiple requests to remove a review:

 - lowering the rating on the Resource;

 - temporary or permanent limitation of functionality, including work with reviews in the company's personal account, comments and requests for the removal of reviews;

 - temporary or permanent exclusion from the resource catalog of the company's goods and/or services.

3. For companies that forced users by any means, contrary to the current legislation and the Rules, to the removal of reviews:

 - lowering the rating on the Resource;

 - temporary or permanent exclusion from the resource catalog of the company's goods and/or services.

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