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How to appeal a review

The review left by customers affects not only the overall impression of the company's activities and the quality of its products and services, but also the rating on the AllBiz  resource. If the seller believes that the review is not true or the client has not considered additional circumstances that could affect the outcome of the cooperation, he may appeal the review.

In My account, click on the My Company tab - Reviews about the company.

If you want to leave a comment that can be seen by the client who left it, click the Comment button below the review text.

To open a dispute on the review, click the Appeal button.


You will be redirected to the post office, where you can bring all the arguments and evidence that the review is not true.


The average processing time for appeals is 1-3 working days.

After the administration of the resource AllBiz will consider all the arguments, the review will be marked as suspicious and removed from the publication until all the circumstances have been clarified. And the review will be placed in the Rejected folder.

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