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Products and services prohibited for advertising and sales in Belarus

Rules for posting information on the Allbiz Internet resource

 Allbiz is an international e-commerce center that allows companies to create their own presentations and post information about products, services, jobs and offers. Companies are solely responsible for the fact that the goods, services, works and offers they offer are in accordance with the requirements of Allbiz and the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus. Companies are obliged to comply with these requirements, and are responsible for the correct definition of the category of goods, services, works and proposals.

This document provides a list of goods, services, works, proposals and information (including but not limited to) that are prohibited for placement / sale / offer and / or exchange on the Allbiz Internet resource. The list can be changed and supplemented in accordance with the changes in the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

List of goods, services, activities and other information prohibited for publication:

- Narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, their precursors, including poppy seeds for illegal use, analogues of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, information on which is posted on the official website of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Belarus on the Internet.

- Demand and (or) proposals of organs and (or) tissues of a person.

- Alcoholic products, including beer and low-alcohol drinks with a volume fraction of ethyl alcohol, not more than 7%.

- Pornographic materials, printed publications, images or other objects of a pornographic - nature, including erotic products, as well as products that imitate a naked body or intimate parts of a person's body.

- Advertising aimed at involving potential victims in trafficking, providing sexual services under the guise of legitimate activities, anti-social behavior.

- Advertising, directly or indirectly disclosing information that constitutes state secrets of the Republic of Belarus.

- Substitutes of breast milk (infant formula).

- Contact lenses.

- Cosmetics (except for perfume).

- The works, services (activities) of hypnotists, psychics, fortune tellers, spiritualists, astrologers, sorcerers, diviners, other persons who declare themselves or are considered capable of predicting events, influence people, the spiritual world, property, the environment by using supernatural abilities or forces, and also services for training these activities.

- Services of a sexual nature, including under the guise of psychological help, communication, relaxation, massage, a pleasant time of forwarding, other legal activities.

- Activities of persons who are not registered as legal entities or individual entrepreneurs of the Republic of Belarus, to attract funds, electronic money and other property of citizens to pay income.

- Jewelry and other household products, gold leaf and silver leaf, precious stones.

- Tobacco, tobacco products, smoking accessories, including pipes, hookahs, cigarette papers, cigarette lighters, electronic cigarettes, smoking mixtures, mixes and other products intended for smoking.

- Goods subject to mandatory conformity assessment in the Republic of Belarus, but not having a document on the assessment of compliance with the requirements of technical regulatory legal acts in the field of technical standardization.

- Explosives and materials, including pyrotechnic products (fireworks, salutes, smoke bombs).

- Military products, ammunition, means of active protection and all types of weapons, with the exception of articles not attributed to weapons, in accordance with the current legislation of the Republic of Belarus, such as: sports weapons, airsoft; dummies and models; knives for household purposes; Sports shells, structurally similar to weapons and ammunition.

- Products designed to suppress rioting and dispersal of marches, including related vehicles and equipment, except for products intended for firefighting.

- Means of fire protection, including mobile means by the type of shields, as well as means providing stable mechanical protection, with the exception of the means intended for protection during sports or for individual protection in peaceful labor activity.

- Poisoning substances, as well as other similar chemicals that can harm the life or health of a person.

- Information infringing the copyrights of third parties, patent law, trade secret, copies of sites or individual pages, images and texts posted on the Internet if copying is forbidden by the owners of the original.

- Information on the manufacture, distribution, offer for sale or other use of goods that lead to a violation of the exclusive right to the results of intellectual activity or means of individualization (patents, trademarks, trademarks, copyrights, etc.), also pirated optical media with illegal copies of films, music, games, etc.

- Medicines, including homeopathic and Ayurveda medicines.

- Magic items (amulets, charms, bracelets, other products).

- Veterinary goods, services.

- Risk-based games and betting, as well as information about their organizers, services related to offering assistance in gambling systems that contain bets.

- Lotteries and incentive events and information about them.

- Biologically active food additives, including specialized food products for athletes.

- Information of a political nature, as well as information related to inciting hatred on national, racial, religious, sexual and other grounds, information containing profanity, as well as offensive language.

- Information that encourages promotes the cult of violence and cruelty or induces violence, cruelty, dangerous actions that may damage the health of citizens, property of the state, organizations or citizens or threaten their security, and other actions that violate the legislation of the Republic of Belarus.

- Financial, insurance and banking services.

- Information on the acquisition or sale of official documents and state awards, foreign exchange and/or other currency values.

- Personal documents, their forms, as well as forms of strict accountability.

- Information about vehicles, registration documents for vehicles, including those that are wanted, without documents, manufacturing and sale of license plates (standard, registered, elite, etc.), the service of winding the car's run.

- Information on the sale/purchase of plants, animals and aquatic biological resources, as well as parts there of (e.g. paws, horns, parts of the trunk) and derivatives (for example, skins, fish eggs, mollusk shells, milk and animal wool) disappearing from the face of the Earth and/or listed in the International Red Book.

- Poachers' tools and equipment (electric fishing rods, nets, etc.), as well as services for their production or marketing.

- Counterfeit items, i.e. goods or services marked in such a way that they can mislead consumers about their origin, quantity, quality, ingredients, method of production, utility, applicability, repair, maintenance and other essential characteristics of goods and services.

- Special technical means for removing information from communication channels, other means of secretly receiving information.

- Databases, including those containing personal data, which can facilitate unauthorized distribution, illegal receipt of private and confidential information.

- Software that contains viruses and other malicious elements.

- Materials violating the secret of private life, encroaching on the honor, dignity and business reputation of citizens and legal entities.

- Services for the employment of citizens of the Republic of Belarus beyond the borders

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