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What do I need to know about adding a photo of a product or service?

The image of your product or service is his "face". Certainly, the buyer is looking for among the mass of proposals exactly the one that suits him, relying on the name and characteristics. However, visualization remains one of the most important ways to influence the buyer

Statistics of the AllBiz indicates that more than 60% of visitors are limited to viewing the enlarged image.

A quality unique large current and clear image allows you to get more information about the product, consider it in detail and make a purchasing decision.

On your website, created on the AllBiz, you can place up to 10 photos of one product or service. This allows you to fully submit your proposal.

To download additional images, click on the "Select file" button below the main image in the form of adding an item or service. Add as many photos as you need.


Please note: added images must meet the following requirements:

- Colored photo;

- Format - JPEG, JPG, PNG, GIF;

- the maximum size is 12 Mb;

- the image must not contain contact information

Strive to add unique and high-quality images. If there are no such photos in your arsenal, you can always make them yourself.

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