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Name of goods and services: how to attract more potential customers?

The name of the product or service is the first and basic information about your offer, which the potential buyer sees in the catalog of the products or on your website.

The name of the product or service should be as specific as possible and should disclose the essence of the proposal. Filling the field "Name", try, first of all, to answer the question "What?".


The name cannot exceed 255 characters. This is enough to indicate not only general but also very specific information about the product or service: type, model, brand, article and other specific characteristics.


The name should attract a potential buyer. Seeing him, a person must understand that this is exactly what he is looking for.

Please note: in the field "Name" is not allowed:

 - use of the words "buy", "sell";

 - use of CAPITAL letters (except generally accepted abbreviations), non-standard characters and punctuation;

 - transfer of several goods or services at the same time;

 - Other violations provided by the rules of work with the resource.

Visibility, accessibility, accuracy, informative name of the position of the product or service will attract more potential customers to your offer. Please use the English language to attract more customers!

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