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How to put the products (services) in a showcase?

Your site on AllBiz has a showcase. Showcase is a large attractive slider, which dynamically replaces each other with a photo of the products (services) you choose with the name and price (if it is specified).

You can select 12 items of your assortment that will be displayed in the showcase. Visitors of your site will be able to use the control buttons to view all the images displayed on the monitor.


It is easy to replace the photos shown on the monitor, so you can regularly update the showcase. Show the products and services that may be of interest to your potential customer: promotional offers, news, sales, etc.


To add a product or service to the display window, in your personal cabinet in the left side menu select the section "Products, Services". Go to the "Showcase" tab and press "Select" button.

In the opened form in the search box, enter the name of the product or service that you want to place on the showcase, having previously selected the type of the "Products" or "Services" catalog from the drop-down list, and click "Find". In this case, the position should already be added to the site. Opposite the desired product or service, click the "Select" button. Select  the list of goods or services that you want to put on the showcase - a maximum of 12 positions.


Close the Add form and click the Save button. The system informs you that the changes you have made are saved. Now the goods and services selected by you are broadcast in the display case.


You can also determine the location of the showcase on the main page of your site. To set up the blocks in the order you need, use the Site Builder, where you can change the order of displaying blocks on the main page of your site in the "Blocks" tab.

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