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How to maintain the relevance of information about a product or service?

Information about your products and services, posted on the website and in the directory of AllBiz contains the date of addition or updating of each item. As a rule, buyers pay attention to the date to draw a conclusion as to the relevance of the proposal.

Please note: the date of update directly affects on the priority of displaying your products and services in the directory of AllBiz among similar offers of other participants. Therefore, try to keep your catalogs of products and services up to date.

To update the data on your website and in the directory of the branches, in your personal office of My AllBiz in the left side menu select the section "Products, Services", and then the corresponding "Product catalogs" or "Service catalogs" tab.

The special unit will inform you of the date of the last update. To confirm the relevance of information about products or services, click "Confirm price and availability for all products".


If the update was successful, the block disappears from the page, and the current date appears in the product or service catalog.


Please note: you can update your products and services on a daily basis. At the same time, remember that by updating the catalogs, you thereby confirm the relevance of the information posted, the availability of the product or the possibility of providing the service, as well as the relevance of the specified price.

In the event that the data on products and services have not been updated for 6 months, a system notification will be sent to your e-mail with the request to update the information.

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