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How to choose a group to add a product/service?

To select a group while adding a product or service item, in the "Groups of products" or "Group of services" field, click "Select".

In the opened form, enter the main (key) word from the name of your product and click the "Search" button. To search in most cases, the root of the word is enough. From the list proposed by the system, you can choose more suitable groups.

In the list that, select the appropriate group. Make sure that the whole chain (category - heading - market) corresponds to the product or service you add.


If you do not find the group you need in the structure of the rubricator, contact your manager or support, and the missing group will be added.

Define the core, the main groups of goods and services - there can be no more than 15 - they will be marked as the main ones on your website.

To indicate which of the groups are profile for your company, in the left side menu of your personal cabinet select the section "Products catalog" or "Services catalog".

Then click the "Main" button next to the desired groups. If the button is green, then the group is selected as profile, if the button is gray, then the group is not selected. Save your changes.

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