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How to add price-lists?

To add a price list to your website, created on the AllBiz platform, in your personal account MyAllBiz, select the section "Products, Services", and then the "Price-list" tab and click the "Add" button.

In the opened form, enter a name, for example, "Butter", specify the price list type (for products or services) and then click "Select file" and attach the document prepared in advance.

The price list file must meet the following requirements:

• Acceptable formats: xls, xlsx, pdf;

• The maximum size is 30 MB.

For maximum useful of prise-list ypo should indicate the product names and prices in it.

After checking by the moderator, your price lists will be posted on the resource and will become available to visitors.


The option of adding price lists is available only within the registration packages "Standard", "Business", "Gold".

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