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Description of products or services: secrets of quality.

The Description field is one of the most important search engines in terms of indexing. On your site, created on the AllBiz, it is permissible to enter a description of up to 20,000 characters. Search engines value sites that are rich in information content. Therefore, you should always strive to increase the text content of the site. Optimum should be considered pages containing at least 500 characters of textual information.


A page consisting of just a few sentences is less likely for search engines.

Pay attention: The quality is the indicator which is much more important than the quantity. The content added to your site, in this case, the description text must be unique. Copying information from other sites is a gross error, which will lead to a decrease in the level of issuance in the search engines.

You can create the text of the description of your goods and services on your own or with help of professional copywriters.

The best choice can be considered the description text, which meets the following requirements:

- fully discloses the characteristics and characteristics of the product or service, removing all issues that may be of interest to customers;

 - literacy;

 - size from 500 to 3000 characters;

 - uniqueness (at least 70%);

 - availability of keywords (phrases for which buyers are looking for your product or service) - 3-7 iterations;

 - keywords (phrases) are highlighted in bold.

Founding your offer for the products and services, the potential buyer should receive comprehensive information about the product or the service provided: characteristics, competitive advantages, distinctive features, a method of purchase, terms of delivery and payment. Only in this case you will receive loyal customers and expand the circle of your customers.

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