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Why I can not see the products or services I added on the site?

If your products or services are not displayed on the site, then they either did not pass the moderation, or have the status "Is not displayed".

First, make sure that the items you add are translated. To do this, open the section "Products catalog" or "Services catalog" in your personal account and at the top of the page in the "Status" field from the drop-down list select "Is not displayed". These are products or services that are not visible on your site.

To change the positions into the status of the displaed, tick the products or services and click the "Display" button.

Your products or services may not be displayed on the site if they have not yet been approved by the moderator. In this case, they will be marked in your personal account with the marker "Is waiting for moderation". For more detailed information, see the section "What does the marker "Is waiting for moderation" mean in my product/service catalog?"

The reason for the absence of the products or services you added on the site may be the rejection to place these positions. In this case, you will see a message in your personal account, and not the approved positions will be marked with the marker "Has not passed the moderation".


Edit non-moderated positions, making them meet the requirements, and save the changes.

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