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What you need to know about the moderation of products?

Products and services that users post on mini-sites are subject to moderation. At the same time, it is checked whether the product card is correctly formed and whether the proposed product/service is included in the list of goods and services prohibited for advertising and sales in the country where the company is registered.

There are two options for moderation

Pre-moderation is a standard scheme for moderating a product/service: the product appears on the mini-site and in the catalog only after verification by the moderator.

Postmoderation - the goods on postmoderation begin to broadcast on the company's mini-site and in the catalog immidietly (the allowed delay in displaying the goods in the catalog is up to 24 hours from the moment of addition).

The difference from the previous scheme is that such a product can not be raised in the TOP until it is approved by the moderator.

Automatic switching of the modes postmoderation/premoderation occurs in the following cases:

At the time of providing the company with paid access


1) The company buys a paid package through a personal cabinet or BO.

2) After the end of paid access, postmoderation is not disabled.

After the companies approved the contract 20 products/services without a single deviation


1) The company approved 15 products and 5 services - the company is transferred to post-moderation.

2) The company approved 19 products and 1 product was rejected, then 10 products were approved - the company will not be transferred to post-moderation.

Automatically translate the company into a premoderation

After the refusal of a contract 3 goods/services.


1) 2 products and 1 service for moderation was rejected - the company is transferred to premoderation.

2) 2 products were rejected, then one was approved, and another 2 rejected - the company will remain on postmoderation.

The "is waiting for moderation" icon indicates that the goods are sent for moderation. If the check is successful, the status will be changed to "is displayed".

Not approved by the moderator positions will be marked with the marker "Has not passed the moderation."


Edit non-moderated positions, making them meet the requirements, and save the changes.

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