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Specifying the price and choosing the type of products for sell

Your site, created on the Allbiz platform, provides the opportunity to specify the price of the product or service. You can select the currency unit (currency) and units of measurement that are most convenient for you.

While adding/editing a commodity item, it is necessary to select the type of products sold. There are three options:

 - Wholesale and retail (selected by default).

 - Only retail.

 - Only wholesale.


The currency is selected for the entire product. You can change it while editing the product.

Specifying the retail and/or wholesale price, pay attention to the unit of measurement chosen in the product, in order to avoid situations where, for example, you specified a price for 1 kg, and tons are selected as units of measurement.

If the Product type "Only wholesale" or "Wholesale and retail" is selected, then you have the opportunity to specify more than one wholesale price using the "Add another wholesale price" button. In total, up to 5 additional fields can be added to form a grid of wholesale prices.

Pay attention to several logical features of working with prices:

 - you can not specify a wholesale price higher or equal to the retail price;

 - you can not specify a large additional wholesale price for a smaller quantity than was already indicated before, i.e. the principle "The more orders are ordered, the lower the price!" always has to work;

 - you can not specify a minimum order quantity of 1 for wholesale prices, i.e. the product can not cost, for example, 100 USD at retail, while it costs 90 USD in bulk for an order of 1 unit.

In some cases, the use of the "Price from" functional is actual. This is the solution for those cases when the cost of the goods/services can not be determined accurately, or is not constant. We recommend that you use only the exact prices, as their presence significantly increases the interest in the product among buyers.

We strongly recommend that you quote the price of your products or services. The presence of a price affects the increase in the position in the Allbiz catalog: data on goods and services of companies that indicated the price are displayed above those of companies that did not fill this field (all other things being equal).

The availability of prices also has a positive effect on indexing by search engines, which in turn leads to an increase in the number of visitors - your potential buyers and partners.
Pointing the price, you also help increase the loyalty of potential customers to your offer. The statistics of the Allbiz resource testifies that for 70% of visitors the important role in making a purchasing decision is played by the availability of the price from the seller. At the same time, the buyer understands that the price quotes indicated on the resource are in most cases tentative and the final cost can be clarified in the negotiation process.

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