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Product card filling out guidelines

Name of product

The name of a product should be informative and clear – it is here where the customer’s exploration of Your product gets started.

What should be included in the name of a product?

- The qualifier (type) of a product (seeds, a tractor, a pipe, a notebook, a memory module, diapers).

- The brand (Makita, Sony etc.). The product name may have no indication of a brand if the product is not a branded one, as it is, for instance in Alpine pine seedlings or Pine beam imitation.

- The vendor code or model. For instance: Makita MT870 rock drill, Come-For Status orthopedic mattress. A unique vendor code enables the maximally efficient identification of a product.

-  Additional data (color, size, number of units in the packaging, weight etc.). It makes a product name more informative and ensure the uniqueness of the product within the product group and own web-site.

  Naming requirements

- A product name should not exceed 200 characters with spaces. Otherwise, the product will be automatically rejected.

-  A product name should not include similar words.

-  Within a campaign all product names should be unique, i.e. there should not be any repetition in the commodity items. For instance, you should not use -  - Additional symbols (№, “, ; etc.) can be used only where appropriate: for the indication of size in inches, number of units in a packaging etc.

- Keep the product name structure clear and defined:

Not acceptable:

- Placement of stop words within a product name: will buy, to buy, looking to buy, are looking to buy, will sell, am selling, are selling, a sale, for sale, wholesale, in bulk, retail trade, at retail, prices, price, cheap, promo, sale, from the producer, in the assortment of, photo, price, assortment, discount, with/at a discount of.

- Placement of a product name and description in Caps, if not a requirement by the manufacturer/producer. For instance, ORTHOPEDIC MATTRESS will not be - Transliteration of manufacturing company brands into a foreign language, for instance: Audi, Makita, BMW, etc.

-  Using plural forms with a product name, for instance ‘Makita rock drills.’

- Duplicating of the group name within the product name the latter is placed with. For instance, the product name ‘Interior door’ coinciding with the ‘Interior door’ group name will not be accepted. Acceptable options: ‘Interior door + vendor code / material / color and other characteristics.

-  Placement of the company’s contact information or name within the commodity item name.

- Placement in the name of the position of settlements and regions.

- Placement of products prohibited by law. Narcotic substances and drugs will be automatically rejected.

 An example of good name: Come-For Status orthopedic mattress, 180х120 сm – an informative name unique in the company product list

 Product description

-  A description should carry the most complete information about the product or service, technical specifications, i.e. what will help the customer make a final decision with regards to a product or service.

- In addition to being informative, a quality description implies good grammar and spelling.

- The minimum length of a description should not be less than 300 characters space-free. However, we recommend you do not restrict yourself with the minimum requirement and make the product description as detailed as possible. Optimally, 600-1,000 characters or more.

-  A description should be targeted at the user rather than search engines.

 The neater and better structured the text, the simpler the perception.

-  The text should be aligned on the left (Ctrl+L).

-  A description should be made with single font type and size.

-  It is recommended the logical subsections of a description are made in bold and organize them as subheadings – this will make easer text perception.

-  It is essential you use a bulleted list for listing the technical specifications, advantages of a product and other enumeration.

-  Bold can be used exclusively for emphasizing subheadings. Usage of italic is not recommended.

-  Tables are formatted in line with the above requirements. Table and table cell content center alignment is acceptable.

 Not acceptable:

-  using key words as a description;

- making a description with comma-separated synonyms;

- making a description with the data replicated from alternative Internet resources;

- placement of company contact information onto a product / service description.


- The text should include the name of a product or words linked to it. With the size of description of 500-600 characters, a two times product mention in various word combinations will be enough.

- We do not recommend replication of texts from your Internet or other Internet stores. Top positions at product displaying with the Allbiz resource are ensured by the uniqueness of the text.

 Product images

Use only quality and informative photos matching a product or service. You can load JPEG, PNG, GIF files with the maximum volume size of up to 12 Mb. You can load up to 11 images for each product card.

The optimal image size is 600х800 to 1,024 pixels along a long side. The minimum acceptable size for an image for site placement – 200 pixels along one side, yet the better the quality and the larger the image of a product, the higher the probability it catches customer eye.


- placement of a logo or your store ‘watermark’ on the photo. Neither the logo nor the ‘watermark’ should affect the informative aspect of the photo.

Not acceptable:

- placement of a company logo as an image for a product or service;

- placement of a third-party resource logo or ‘watermark’ on a product / service photo;

- placement of a company e-mail or telephone contact on a product / service photo.

Placement of a product (service) in a group

You should place your products only in the relevant product group. Duplication of a product card in groups with seemingly analogous products is not allowed. For instance, ‘Pine wall paneling’ should not be placed in the ‘Blockhouse’ or ‘Beam imitation’ group.

Placement of a product in Services and a service in Products is not acceptable.

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