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How to add products and services to a site?

The number of products and services in your catalog directly affects the visibility of your site for search engines and at allbiz. The more products and services you will add, the higher the probability your prospective customer will find and chose you is.

To add products or services to your site, select the Products, Services section in the left side menu and press the Add key in the relevant Product catalog or Service catalog tab.

Fill out the opened form in line with the recommendations.

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More details How to add a product group?

You can create your own display structure for a site product and service assortment. To provide for this, use the My menu service. You can get more details about it in the How to create My Menu at the mini-site? section.

The process of adding products/services can get a real boost if you use file import. You can import XLS, YML-files by specifying their URL on the Internet, as well as 1С. Read about How to import products?

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