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How should a quality product/service description look like?

A well-considered description of products/services is the most important component of the site, which in simple words helps to explain to the potential buyer what you are offering, pushing you to the desired action. This is information urging you to purchase goods online, leave a request for a call back, fill out a feedback form.

The Description field is one of the most important search engines in terms of indexing. On your site, created on the platform Allbiz, it is acceptable to enter a description of up to 20,000 characters. But the expediency of such a volume is determined by the type of products/services.

Search engines value sites that are rich in information content. Therefore, you should always strive to increase the text content of the site. Optimum should be considered pages containing at least 500 characters of textual information.

A page consisting of just a few sentences is less likely to hit the top search engines.

Guality is much more important than quantity. You can create the text of the description of your goods and services on your own or turn to professional copywriters.

Recommendations for text-description:

1. Place a unique text (at least 70%), so you will increase the site's ranking in the search engines.

2. Optimum text volume is from 500 to 2000 characters.

3. Use simple words that are understandable to your target audience.

4. Avoid words like "best", "unique" "the most", as it will be necessary to give arguments proving that the goods are the best.

5. Write about the value of your product, explain to the buyer why he needs your products, and what benefits he will receive from its acquisition.

6. Use the editor's tools to highlight the main phrases.

7. Structure the description. Break the text into paragraphs, use lists and subheadings.

8. Place text without errors.

9. Do not allow water and spill in descriptions.


Having found your offer on Allbiz, and having become interested in the detailed description, the potential buyer should receive the exhaustive information about the goods or the given service: characteristics, competitive advantages, distinctive features, a way of acquisition, conditions of delivery and payment. Only in this case you will receive loyal customers and expand the circle of your buyers.

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