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Order Management

To view orders from customers in the company profile, go to the section "Orders and messages" and select an additional section "Orders"


Order list


When you go to the "Orders" section, you are taken to the list of orders view.

In the list of orders view you can:

  • View orders by status
  • Change order status directly from the list
  • Massively change order status

Order list


For a massive change in status, you must select a product group, and then click on the "Change status" button


Massive status change


Next, in the pop-up window, an interface will be displayed, through which you can select the desired status for the order group and apply it by clicking on the "Save" button


Change status


Change of status from the list of orders


To quickly change the status of one order, click on the drop-down list that is on the right side of the order block, and then select the desired status


Change one order status

Processing of one order


To go to the details of one order from the general list, you need to click on the order number, then you will go to the order processing page.


The basic order information is displayed in the order block:

  • Name of product
  • Product photo
  • Availability
  • Article (if installed)
  • Price
  • Price in buyer currency
  • Quantity of goods
  • Comment to the order - a comment left by the buyer when placing an order

One order



Wholesale cost in order


If wholesale prices are determined for the goods, in this case the whole range of wholesale prices will be displayed in the order, while the cost, based on which the order is formed, will be highlighted in bold


Wholesale cost in order


If the conditions for forming the wholesale value in the order change, the final cost will also be recalculated. The change will be displayed after clicking on the "Save" button

Wholesale cost in order


Buyer's currency


In the "Buyer's currency" field, the value of the goods is displayed in the currency that the buyer specified when placing the order.

Example: The cost of the product was initially determined in USD, however, the buyer chose the display of the value of goods in UAH, and then completed the order. In this case, the value of the goods will be recalculated automatically, according to the rate set in the section "Currency Rates"


Cost of goods in the order


Since the system allows you to set the type of currency for each product individually, in one order there may be two products with different currency types, for example USD and UAH

Cost of goods in the order


To make it easier to navigate in similar situations, the ability to select the type of currency in which you want to display the value





Total Order Value


The block contains information with the final cost for each of the goods, as well as the total cost of all goods and delivery

Total Order Value


The status management block in the order


The order status management unit is always at the top of the screen.


To change the status of the order, you must select the appropriate status from the list and click on the "Save" button


At the moment the following statuses are available:


  • New - automatically assigned to new orders
  • Accepted - indicates that the order has been accepted for processing
  • Completed - assigned to orders that have been completed
  • Canceled - used if the order was canceled for any reason
  • Paid - used to indicate orders that have been paid for
  • Spam - this status is assigned to those orders that the seller thinks are spam

The status management block in the order



Block with customer information


The block contains basic information about the user who completed the order:

  • Customer name
  • Customer's phone number
  • Country - the country in which the user's account is registered
  • Customer E-mail





Block with information about delivery and payment


In the "Delivery and payment" block you can find the data with the terms of delivery and payment, which were chosen at the time of placing the order by the buyer.


The block also contains information about the recipient and information about the cost of delivery.

In detail:

- Payment - the method of payment chosen by the buyer when placing an order

You can set up payment methods in the "Payment" section

Delivery - the method of delivery, which the buyer chose when placing an order
Name - the name of the recipient of the order
Phone - the recipient's phone number
E-mail- the recipient's mail
Country - the country to which you want to deliver the goods
Address - detailed delivery address of the goods
The cost of delivery - the cost of delivery, which determines the seller at the time of processing the order

delivery and payment

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