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How to order the service "The raising of the products in the TOP"?

What is Raising to the TOP?

Raising to the TOP is service, which allows to broadcast products/services of resource participants on priority positions in groups during a certain paid period.

Placement of products/services on priority positions allows attracting to them 5-10 times more attention of potential consumers, which positively affects sales.

The task of the "Raising to the TOP" function is to attract maximum attention to a specific product/service and to interest the visitor in the further purchase.

Raising to the TOP is one of the most effective methods of attracting the attention of potential buyers, interested visitors of the resource to the page of the product/service.

Note: Before rising up the products to the TOP, you need to make sure that the goods are in the correct group, because after connecting the service the possibility of changing the group will be unavailable.

How to order a service?

If you want to add an item to the TOP, you must:

1. In the company menu go to the item "Products and Services" - "Products Catalog"


2. In the list of translated items, select the product/service you want to add to the TOP and click the "Raise into the TOP" button


3. Specify the desired date for the broadcast of the item in the "Priority block" (7 days/14 days/21 days/28 days/35 days)


After that, the request for adding a commodity item to the TOP will be sent for moderation. The service will be connected from the beginning of the next day.

A sign that the broadcast products is connected by means of "Raising into Top" is"TOP goods" and the star.


Commodity items that are in the "Priority block" are highlighted in the general list of goods with an indication of the validity period of the service.



In groups where there are paid participants with Standard, Business, Gold packages, there is a restriction: the company with free registration will not be able to raise product to the TOP (the button for ordering the service Raising into the TOP is inactive, and on such products, an inscription appears in gray color, which does not allows you to make a service order). To solve this problem, the company needs to connect a paid package.

Companies with paid registration can raise their goods in the TOP without restrictions in all product groups.


Within the same group for one and the same period it is possible to raise only one product/service.

For the goods of several companies in the TOP within a single package, the ranking takes place using a quality algorithm.

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