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What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a service whose main purpose is to enable business owners to convey information about their company to a wider range of users and keep information up to date.

By connecting customers to Google My Business, we help to get an effective control panel for advertising the company on the Internet, i.e. Another tool for increasing the sales and brand awareness of paid members of the resource

The main principles and features of the service:

- Ability to manage pages on maps in real time both through the browser, and through mobile applications for Android and iOS.

- Ability to add a site, photos, information about promotions, discounts, work schedules and other useful information about the company.

- Google will show reviews and recommendations added not only through the service "My Business", but also collect them from the network (Internet) and translate them into a 5-point scale.

- Detailed statistics of impressions and clicks.
- The main value of the service for small and local business customers in high ranking with search results.

- Ability to connect Google Analytics.

- Your listing will appear on Google+, Google Search, and Google Maps.

In general, we help our customers with the setting up and connection of an additional, rather powerful promotion tool.


The Allbiz team invests in the development of long-term relationships with customers, which will fully benefit from the cooperation with us.

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