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How to add and correctly fill out the news?

Would you like to put news or a press release on one of the most visited resources in the world? Your website, created on the AllBiz platform, allows you to do this quickly and easily.

To put news that will be broadcast on your website and on the resources of AllBiz, in your personal office of MyAllBiz in the left side menu select the "Enerprise" section, "News" tab and click the "Add" button.

Fill in the fields of the opened form according to the recommendations posted on the page.

 In order to interest customers and increase sales, the news should meet the following requirements:

- to have an information occasion, i.e. deeply describe a specific event, new developments, the introduction of innovations, important contracts, summing up, etc .;

- have a heading of no more than 80 characters. Do not use capital letters in the title text;

- have a volume of 1 to 2 thousand characters (please do not be limited to one sentence);

- do not contain in the text of advertising, information about discounts and promotions;

- do not contain phone numbers, e-mail addresses and sites (hyperlink to your site as the source is provided at the end of the text);

- do not contain criticism of competitors and emotional statements;

- please avoid excessive text formatting (bold, color).

 Please note: correctly designed news, carrying interesting and useful information for your target audience, will increase the flow of visitors to your site and get additional customers for your products or services.

Please note: the ability to post news is available only through the Standard, Business and Gold registration packages.

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