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Why do we need import?

In addition to the ability to make positions of products manually one after another, there is also the possibility to import items of products as one file. You can import item from XLS or YML file formats.

XLS is the widely used Microsoft Office Excel format. Microsoft Excel is a program that is part of Microsoft Office, and is used to create documents that have a table presentation (for example, databases, lists of commodity items, price lists, etc.). Excel is heavily used in accounting for accounting and calculations.

YML (Yandex Market Language) is a standard which was developed by Yandex to accept and post information in the Yandex.Market database. YML is based on the XML standard (XML DTD). A single data representation format allows you to quickly and accurately handle the information provided by shops about products and services.

Why do we need import?

It allows to maximize the process of adding an assortment of your products on our resource.
The process of updating the goods is now possible in one click.
You have an ability to import an assortment of your goods placed on the Yandex.Market.

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