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How to import products from 1C?

If you use the 1C: Enterprise program, you can import the items from 1C to the allbiz directory using the "1C import" functionality.

Note: The minimum version of 1C for use must be at least 8.2

1. Before you start importing, download and save the file "Import module 1C" to any folder that has access from 1C.

2. In the 1C program, click the "File" / "Open ...". Find the folder where the file "Import module 1C" is located. Select this file by double-clicking the mouse.

The following window opens.


- in the field "User key" it is necessary to specify the individual user key (token), which is displayed on the "1C import" tab (the section "Products, Services" -> "Import of products")



- in the field "Organization" you must select the organization on behalf of which the products on the site will be presented.

- in the "Product ID" field, you must select the requisite 1C, which will serve as the product identifier. Possible values: code, article.

In the "Price type" field, you must select the price type, the prices for which should be uploaded to the site.

Additional selection.

If necessary, you can configure an additional filter for the paged products. To do this, press the "Select" button. An additional selection panel appears. Pressing the "Select" button will hide this panel.


3. Fill in the table of products by clicking the "Fill" button.

The table of products is filled with the products, according to the established filter.

4. Click the "Send" button. The data will be sent to the allbiz website.

An example of additional selection.

For example, we will not unload all goods, but only those items that are part of the group "Household appliances", and is available. In this case, we will determine the availability only by warehouses: "Main warehouse" and "Trade Hall".

 To do this, click the "Add" / "New element" icon.


Select the "Nomenclature" field for the filter.


Type the comparison set to "In the group."


Select a specific group.


With the field "Availability" and "Warehouse" the selection will look like this.


How to upload a picture in 1C?

1. Specify the full URL of the picture in the product comment: Reference "Nomenclature"/Open product card/"Comment" field. This field should not contain unnecessary characters or text, because the image may not load correctly.

2. Enter a link in the comments in the following form: Image = "URL", where the URL is a link to the picture. Example link:

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