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How to export products?

Export of products

Export section

You can export products that are on your site to .xlsx or .yml format

.xslx format convenient for editing the description, photos, titles, prices, and currency rates, and .yml format is used for placing information on the price aggregators such as Yandex Market

While exporting products, you get a file that is identical in structure to the import file - so re-importing this file will be very simple and does not take much time.

Please note: you can export products to .yml or .xslx even if you filled out the product information manually.

Please note: now you can choose which products you need in the export file:

- broadcast

- untranslated

- all, regardless of the status


How to edit products in the .xlsx export file

 You get a file in the .xlsx format with certain fields, most of which will already be filled. For example:

Pay attention to the second page of the export-import file: the Group name fields page 1 and the group name page 2 must be identical. If you are editing this field on the first page, do not forget to make changes on page number 2.

Editing of prices, currencies and rates

You can edit all the fields that are relevant to the currencies, rates and prices of your product.

 Each product on the site can be represented in two types of currencies:

-MC (the main currency, it is also the national currency of the country in which the company is registered),

-AC (alternative currency is the currency of any other country that is available on Allbiz.

 If the price for your products is entered only in the base currency, it will be exported to a file and it will look like this:

If your goods are presented only in alternative or in main and alternative currencies, an alternative currency will be exported to the file. The file will look like this:

How to change prices in the main currency?

You need to make changes in the Retail price field, if you want to change retail prices; in the Wholesale price field, if you want to change the wholesale prices; in the Minimum order field, if you want to change the number of products required for the minimum order at the wholesale price.

How to change prices in the main currency, if only the alternative currency is exported?

 If you prefer to edit prices in the Main currency, but not in the Alternative currency, you should do this:

1. In the import file, add the column Main Currency

2. In the Course field, enter the rate by which you want to convert prices from the Main Currency to the Alternative Currency. By automatic calculations in the .xlsx file (Value in the Main Currency/Value column in the Course column) you get the price in the Alternative currency.

3. If you re-import the file to the site for the Main Currency column, set the value to "No such field"

4. When the import is completed, both the alternative and the main currency will be transferred to the site. Thus, you receive immediately the price for the goods in two currencies.

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