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How can I import products from .xls file?

Importing goods from .xls file:

1. Download the empty XLS file template.

2. Fill the file with information about your products (Example of XLS file) or format it according to the example.

Attention! For saving, select "Save as" and in the format "Excel Workbook 97-2003 (.xls)" or "Excel Workbook (.xlsx)" in your program.

3. Select the file for import with xls resolution (up to 15 MB) or xlsx (up to 15 MB).

4. Select the fields that you want to update.

5. Select the action with the goods that were added to the catalog earlier and which are not in the import file: Do Nothing or Do Not Activate (in which case the items will be translated into non-broadcast ones).

6. When everithing is ready, click Import.


While importing, additional actions may be required:

If the structure and names of the fields of the imported XLS-file are different from the built-in template, the system will ask you to specify the correspondence of the fields of the file with the fields in the base file.

If there is no corresponding field in the drop-down list, select "No such field". After all matches are placed, click Continue.

If you want to make changes to the file before uploading items to the directory, click Cancel Import.


Please note that the "Group" field for each download is mandatory. Goods without groups are not imported.

If you wish to link groups to goods manually, we recommend using the option "Scan groups during import". In a special window you can manually select / change the group of goods. To skip this step, click the Skip button. Thus, the goods, the group to which the system defined automatically load, and which do not - will not load.

To change the group for folders/folders, check the necessary items and click Select Group. When you select folders, the groups will also be changed for the subfolders that are in the selected group.



To change the group only in a subfolder, expand the folder by clicking on the triangle icon next to the group name, and mark the required item, then select the group.


To change a group for a particular product, expand the Items in the folder by clicking on the folder name. Mark the product/products and press Select group.


In the window that opens, enter the name of the product group, or select the desired Market → Categories → Category → Products group.

If you want to replace an existing/automatically selected product group, click on it, and in the window that appears, select the appropriate group.


After the product groups are selected, click Continue.

The import is complete. Information about the number of downloaded items and non-imported items is saved in the Import History section. In the Status column, the last import cancellation function is available.

Import file fields for xls, xlsx format


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