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How can I import products from a YML file?

In order to import goods items from a YML-file, you must perform the following actions:

1. Select the file to import, up to 15 MB. (Example of YML file)

2. Mark the fields that you want to update.

3. Select the action with the goods that were added to the catalog earlier: "Do nothing" or "Make inactive".

4. Click the Import button.


If you wish to link groups to products manually, we recommend using the option "Chek groups during import". In a special window you can manually select/change the group of goods. To cancel the import, click the Skip button.

To change the Allbiz folder group for folders/folders, check the necessary items and click Select Group. When you select folders, the groups will also be changed for the subfolders that are in the selected group.


To change a group only in a subfolder, expand the folder by clicking on the triangle icon next to the group name, and mark the required item, then Select the group.


To change a group for a particular product, expand the Items in the folder by clicking on the folder name. Mark the product/products and press Select group.


In the window that opens, enter the name of the product group, or select the desired Market → Categories → Category → Product group.

If you want to replace an existing/automatically selected product group, click on it, and in the window that appears, select the appropriate group.


After the product groups are selected, click Continue.

The import is complete. Information about the number of downloaded items and non-imported items is saved in the Import History section. In the Status column, the last import cancellation function is available.

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