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Why is it necessary to indicate the timetable of the company?

On your website, created on theAllBiz platform, it is possible to specify the timetable of the company. We recommend you to fill out this field.

The timetable of the company is broadcasted in the "Contacts" section on your website.


Please note: the company's work timetable will allow your potential customers to be aware of the mode of operation of the enterprise. You will save the customer from necessity to call the specified phone numbers, where nobody picks up the phone. Focusing on the schedule of your work, the potential customer will determine the optimal type of communication with you at a specific point in time, and if this is non-working time, he will send a letter, write via a messenger or leave a message on the answering machine.

It is possible to enter the schedule of work of your company in the personal office My AllBiz. To do this, select the "Enterprise" section in the left side menu and open the "Timetable" tab.

In the active tab of the day of the week, tick the "Working" if the company works on that day. Now, moving the sliders, set the duration (the beginning and end) of the working day. If there is a lunch break, make a note against the "Break" field and use the sliders to mark the start and end times for the break.

If all the days of your company are working on the same schedule, click "Copy to other days".

To mark those days of the week that are not working at your company, open this day in the active tab and uncheck the "Working" field.

You can also at any time prohibit the broadcasting of the company's operating mode on the site by unchecking the "Show timetable" field."

If on the days of public holidays your company does not work, put the appropriate mark in the field "Consider holidays as weekends".

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