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What should I indicate in the "About the Enterprise" section?

In account there is an opportunity to add several texts about the company for different pages:
• for the main page of the site,
• for the "About the Enterprise" section.
Various descriptions will help the company's website to occupy high positions in the Google and Yandex search engines for brand inquiries (by company name).
To add a description, it is necessary to select the "My Company" tab in the MyAllBiz personal account. In the "Enterprise" section, select "About Enterprise".

Click the "Edit" button and enter the text in the editor window that appears.
By switching between the tabs at the top of the window, enter different text in the sections "On the main" and "In Description". Before adding, check the text for uniqueness with the help of special programs and services. Uniqueness must be at least 70%. Only this approach will ensure the desired efficiency.

By default, the language of the description will be set to the regional language, but you can choose the one you need from the drop-down list.
Also, you can add photos that will be displayed in the specified section. The maximum file size is 12 MB, the number of photos is up to 10 pcs.
If the text of the company description is not added to the Main page, a similar text from the "About the Enterprise" section will automatically be pulled in its place, and vice versa.

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