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What e-mail should I add to enterprise essential elements?

The form of adding the enterprise essential elements on the AllBiz provides for the possibility of specifying the e-mail address of the company.


The data entered in the "E-Mail" field of the company will be displayed on your site in the contacts section.

In this field, you should specify the address on which you are ready to accept commercial offers from your potential customers. This mailbox should be cheked regularly.

Please note: the company is not able to control the flow of letters that are sent by visitors to your e-mail address. Protection from unwanted correspondence applies only to those letters that are sent to your PO Box at MY AllBiz, i.e. sent by means of a form of communication on the resource.

You can always stop broadcasting on the website of your company's e-mail address by making a note in front of the "Company E-Mail" field in the form of adding company requisites in your personal account MY Allbiz.

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