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How to add patents and developments?

If you have patents and developments, the information about which you want to submit on your site, you can add this information in your personal account MY AllBiz. For doing this open the "Enterprise" section and find the "Patents" tab and click the "Edit" button.

In the opened form, enter the text description of the patent, the essence of the development: by whom and when the patent was issued, the subject of the patent, etc.

In order to attach a patent image, in the "Photo" field, click the button "Select file" and in the window that opens, select the file of the patent pre-loaded on your computer. The document can be scanned or photographed.

The recommended size of images is up to 12 Mb.

You can add several patents and developments.

Save your entries. After checking by the moderator, the information you add will be broadcast on your site. The successful passing of the test is indicated by the change of the yellow marker with the text "Is waiting for moderation" to green - with the text "Is displayed".

Please note: completing the section "Patents" will also allow your offer to receive an additional priority in the directory of the AllBiz before similar companies operating in the same industry and under the same registration package as you.

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