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How to add more phone numbers of the company?

In the "Contacts" section of your website, created on the Allbiz platform, you can specify the phone numbers of the company with reference to different departments of your enterprise.


In order to add more contact numbers, in your personal office of My AllBiz in the left side menu select the section "Enterprise". In the "Essential enterprise elements" tab on the opened page, click the "Edit" button.

In the appeared form of adding details, find the "Phones" field. You can add any number of contact numbers by clicking "More".

In each line in the first box, you must select from the drop-down list the department or subdivision of your company to which the contact number corresponds. Next, indicate the code of the city or mobile operator, and then the number. In one field you can specify several numbers separated by commas. In this case, you can specify the operator or city code only in a separate window, so all numbers entered in one line must have the same code.

Please note: do not use space separators between phone number digits. Make sure that the phone numbers you have received are answered by competent employees who  are able to give qualified advice to your potential customers.

Specify which of the phones is the main one. It is this number that will be broadcast in the goods and services catalog of the products near each position of your assortment, as well as in the catalog of companies.


Specify as many contact numbers as possible so that your "hot" customers can always reach you on the first try.

Do not forget to specify and alternative contact information: ICQ, Skype, etc., so that those your customers who can not call, necessarily contacted you.

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