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How to add a map to the site and specify the location of the company?

Your site on the AllBiz platform provides the possibility of placing an interactive map with the marking of the exact location of your company. If you want customers navigate where your business is located and easily find you, make sure that they have an interactive map of the area in the "Contacts" section.



To indicate on the map your company's location, provide the necessary settings in your personal account MY AllBiz. In the "Enterprise" section, open the "Enterprise essential elements" tab and click the "Edit" button.

At the bottom of the opened form there is a field for the address of the company. Specify the exact coordinates (locality, postal code, street, house and office number) and a corresponding mark will automatically appear on the map.


The translation of the map on your site on the Contacts page is provided by default. If the map does not appear on the site, check the visibility settings. To do this, in your personal cabinet MY AllBiz select the section "Site builder". In the designer that opens, go to the "Settings" tab and make sure that the "Display" check box in the "Map location" field is active (green color).

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