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How to add a company logotype?

For adding logotype of tour company select in the left side menu the Enterprise section and Enterprise essential elements tab. Click the "Edit" button.

In the opened form in the field "Logotype" press the button "Select". In the pop-up window, select the file containing the image of your logo. The maximum size of the added file should not exceed 12 Mb (valid formats: JPEG, PNG, GIF).


Now the logo of your company will be displayed in the Company's section on the resource with contact details and characteristics of the scope of your enterprise.

The company logotype is also displayed by default in the header of your website along with the company name.


If you don't want translate logo in the header of the site, change the corresponding settings in the section "Site builder" of your personal account My AllBiz For this, in the designer window go to the "Header" tab and select "Hide" in the "Logo and name of the company" item.

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